Fri, 05 Oct 2012

Lenovo Thinkpad W701ds

I broke down and purchased a Lenovo Thinkpad W701ds. I had two goals:

  1. Replace my constantly overheating Thinkpad T61p, my main machine upon which I engage in both business and pleasure.
  2. Finally overcome my demons and create a portable system I can actually make electronic music on without crying.

I am a technology curmugeon in that I really don't care very much about operating systems anymore and when I have to think about upgrading to the latest version of Office, it really makes me ill and I'll resist doing so until it becomes necessary. So it was with trepedation that I upgraded to Windows 7 64-bit, which you gratefully can configure to work exactly like Windows XP. Here's how you do that...

Ok, anyone reading this interested in this laptop needs to know a few things:

For low latency audio applications, so far the only thing I've had to do is disable my wireless network adapter in order to avoid any large spikes. That makes me happy.


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