Wed, 28 Feb 2024

Blackberry Key2 BBF100-6

Got a brand new Blackberry Key2 BBF100-6 from eBay. This is to replace my beloved Blackberry Key2 LE BBE100-5 that has suffered a cracked screen. I view this as a blessing in disguise, because I was living with a debilitated situation with battery life and RAM. I am really hoping that the extra 2GB of RAM will make the Blackberry experience sing again! 4GB was always too little. I hope the dual SIMs come in handy when traveling internationally (which will be rare, but treasured!).

I backed up my BBE100-5 onto local storage in Windows at the Administrator Command Prompt using the following commands:

adb exec-out "tar -c storage/emulated/0 2> /dev/null" > sdcard.tar
adb exec-out "tar -c storage/0000-0000/ 2> /dev/null" > external.tar

I learned how to do this using this StackExchange entry:

I was unable to use gzip on Windows.

The first command is to backup the "internal" storage. The second command is to backup the "external" storage.

First thing I did with the new phone was disable the Productivity Center.

Then I learned the hardware space bar was functioning intermittently, so cried tears of despair and ordered another model on eBay. So then another model came, this time a BBF100-9. The space bar was also functioning intermittently. I read on Reddit about users fixing the issue with WD-40, so I tried it, and amazingly, it worked!


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