Fri, 27 Jan 2023

Mastering Chain

Here is a proposed mastering chain:

Alesis HD24 >>
Alesis DEQ830 >>
Mackie 1604 >>
Drawmer 1974 >> 
Drawmer 1968 ME >> 
Crane Song STC-8 >> 
Warm Audio EQP-WA >> 
Dangerous BAX >> 
Emperical Labs EL-DS Derresser >> 
TC Electronic Finalizer 96K >> 
Mytek Brooklyn AD >> 
Tascam DA-3000 

Alesis DEQ830 for issues with individual (stereo) stems

Initself audio will be entirely in the digital domain unless RADAR D-to-A.  The EQ will be connected to the digital chain via ADAT.

Drawmer 1974 EQ Sound on Sound

Drawmer 1968 ME Compressor Sound on Sound

Crane Song STC-8 Barry Cleveland Review

Warm Audio EQP-WA Sound on Sound

When in bypass mode, the audio signal is still routed through the Cinemag input transformer, dual vacuum tube stage line amplifier, and Cinemag output transformer; and the EQP-WA will output at approximately unity gain relative to the input level (or within close margin, due to small variations in output gain from individual vacuum tubes). This design allows the user to take advantage of an old 'engineering trick' known to many successful producers and recordists, whereby one uses a piece of gear with large transformers and high voltage tube stages as a 'pass-through' device or 'tube buffer' following a mic preamp, console send, or other piece of hardware, adding subtle sheen, richness, thickness, and harmonic content to an audio signal. This technique can also be used on program material (complete mixes or subgroups).

Dangerous BAX TapeOp Dangerous

On the high end, you can dial out ultra-sonics like 70 kHz that can carry out-of-band noise that translates as harshness in many A/D converters.

Emperical Labs EL-DS Derresser Empirical Labs

Can I emulate analog tape with the Lil FrEQ?
Absolutely! Emulate analog tape by using the DS section set to HF LIM, frequency at 6KHz. Adjust so that when the frequencies harshly pile up, the DS section kicks in, integrating and smoothing out the high end.

TC Electronic Finalizer 96K Sound on Sound

Mytek Brooklyn AD

Tascam DA-3000


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