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Orbital - Live at Alexandra Palace in 1995
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GearCategoryYearSourceIn Sides*Notes
Atari 1040ComputerFuture Music, 8/1/1993
Power Mac 6100/66Computer1995Vintage Synth Explorer, Unknown
Powerbook 3400cComputerPaul Hartnoll, 1/3/1999
Alesis HR16Drum Machines1987Future Music, 8/1/1993
Boss DR-660Drum Machines1993Chris Herz, 1997
Korg DDM220Drum Machines1985Future Music, 8/1/1993Orbital's first purchase
Roland R-70Drum Machines1992Sound On Sound, 4/1/1994
Roland R-8Drum Machines1989Future Music, 8/1/1993
Roland TR-808Drum Machines1981Sound On Sound, 4/1/1994In Sides
Roland TR-909Drum Machines1984Future Music, 8/1/1993In Sides
Sequential Circuits DrumtraxDrum Machines1984Future Music, 8/1/1993
Alesis QuadraverbOutboardFuture Music, 8/1/1993
Boss RSD10OutboardFuture Music, 8/1/1993
Drawmer DS201OutboardFuture Music, 8/1/1993
Ensoniq DP/4OutboardSound On Sound, 4/1/1994
Lexicon LXP-1OutboardSound On Sound, 4/1/1994
TC Electronics M5000OutboardPaul Hartnoll, 1/3/1999
Alesis ADATPro Audio1991Future Music, 8/1/1993
Emagic Audiowerk 8Pro AudioPaul Hartnoll, 1/3/1999
Mackie 24|8Pro Audio1993Sound On Sound, 4/1/1994
Mackie CR1604Pro AudioFuture Music, 8/1/1993
Studiomaster 16-8-2Pro AudioFuture Music, 8/1/1993
Yamaha NS-10MPro AudioFuture Music, 8/1/1993
Yamaha O2ZPro AudioPaul Hartnoll, 1/3/1999
Akai S700Samplers1987Future Music, 8/1/1993
E-mu E4X TurboSamplers1996Paul Hartnoll, 1/3/1999
E-mu Emax IISamplers1989Future Music, 8/1/1993
E-mu Emulator III XSSamplers1993Sound On Sound, 4/1/1994
E-mu E64Samplers1995Remix Magazine, 1/1/1995
Alesis MMT8Sequencer1988Future Music, 8/1/1993
C-Lab Creator/UnitorSoftwareFuture Music, 8/1/1993
Emagic Logic AudioSoftwarePaul Hartnoll, 1/3/1999
Propellerheads RecycleSoftware1994Paul Hartnoll, 1/3/1999
Access VirusSynths1997Paul Hartnoll, 1/3/1999
ARP 2600Synths1970Sound On Sound, 4/1/1994In Sides
Clavia Nord RackSynths1995Paul Hartnoll, 1/3/1999
Crumar Bit 99Synths1984Vintage Synth Explorer, Unknown
E-mu MorpheusSynths1994Vintage Synth Explorer, Unknown
E-mu OrbitSynths1996Vintage Synth Explorer, Unknown
Kawai K5000RSynths1996Paul Hartnoll, 1/3/1999
Korg Electribe A EA-1Synths1999Vintage Synth Explorer, Unknown
Korg Electribe R ER-1Synths1999Vintage Synth Explorer, Unknown
Korg Poly 800Synths1983Sound On Sound, 4/1/1994
Korg ProphecySynths1995Chris Herz, 1997
Korg TrinitySynths1995Paul Hartnoll, 1/3/1999Used for drums
Korg TritonSynths1999Vintage Synth Explorer, Unknown
Korg WavestationSynths1990Future Music, 8/1/1993
Korg Wavestation A/DSynths1991Future Music, 8/1/1993
Korg Wavestation EXSynths1991Vintage Synth Explorer, UnknownIn Sides
Korg Z1Synths1997Paul Hartnoll, 1/3/1999
Novation BassStationSynths1993Vintage Synth Explorer, Unknown
Novation DrumStationSynths1996Vintage Synth Explorer, Unknown
Novation SuperNovaSynths1998Paul Hartnoll, 1/3/1999
Oberheim Matrix 6Synths1985Vintage Synth Explorer, Unknown
Oberheim XpanderSynths1984Future Music, 8/1/1993In Sides
OSC OSCarSynths1983Future Music, 8/1/1993
Quasimidi PolymorphSynths1999Vintage Synth Explorer, Unknown
Roland JP-8000Synths1996Paul Hartnoll, 1/3/1999
Roland Jupiter 6Synths1983Future Music, 8/1/1993In Sides
Roland Jupiter 8Synths1981Chris Herz, 1997
Roland SH-09Synths1980Future Music, 8/1/1993In Sides
Roland SH-101Synths1983Future Music, 8/1/1993In Sides
Roland System 100 Model 101 SynthesizerSynths1975Sound On Sound, 4/1/1994In Sides
Roland System 100 Model 102 ExpanderSynths1975Sound On Sound, 4/1/1994
Roland System 100 Model 104 SequencerSynths1975Sound On Sound, 4/1/1994
Roland TB-303Synths1982Future Music, 8/1/1993In Sides
Dubreq StylophoneSynths1967Paul Hartnoll, 1/3/1999
Yamaha DX100Synths1986Future Music, 8/1/1993
Yamaha DX-7 MKIISynths1987Paul Hartnoll, 1/3/1999

* Gear marked 'In Sides' confirmed by Paul Hartnoll via Myspace on 2007-01-03: http://www.mikebaas.org/orbital/ph_myspace_2007-01-03.txt

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