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Sources: Future Music (2003), Sound on Sound (November, 1997)

Name Category Quantity Notes Autechre
Akai Z8 Samplers
AKG C1000 Microphones
Alesis QuadraVerb GT Outboard
Alesis Monitor 1 Speakers "We replaced our NS10s with these because we thought our music was suffering."
Alesis MMT8 Sequencers 2
Analogue Systems RS8500 Synths
Apple Power Mac 7200 Computers
Apple Power Mac 9650 Computers
Apple Power Mac G4 Dual 800 MHz Computers
Apple G4 450 MHz Computers
Apple Powerbook G4 500 MHz Computers 2
Apple Powerbook G4 800 MHz Computers
Apple Powerbook 1400 Computers
Atari 1040 STE Computers
Behringer Autocom Pro Outboard
Behringer Composer Pro Outboard
Behringer Ultrafex Outboard
Behringer Ultrapatch Outboard 4
Boss RDD-10 Outboard
Boss RSD-10 Outboard
Casio FZ-1 Synths
Casio RZ-1 Drum Machines "That's really old school. The sampling quality is crap but it sounds awesome."
Casio PT-7 Synths
Casio SK-1 Samplers 2
Casio SK-5 Samplers
Clavia Nord Lead Expanded Synths
Clavia Nord Modular Expanded Synths
dbx DDP Outboard
Digidesign Pro Tools 882 I/O Recorders
Digidesign Pro Tools Disk I/O PCI Recorders
Digidesign Pro Tools DSP Farm PCI Recorders
DOD FX20 Phasor Outboard
Dynaudio BM15a Speakers
Dynaudio M1 Speakers
Emu E-Synth Ultra Samplers Not exactly sure which model.
Ensoniq ASR-10R Samplers
Ensoniq DP/2 Outboard
Ensoniq EPS16+ Samplers
Grundig Tape Recorder Recorders
HHB CDR850 Plus Recorders
IBM Thinkpad Computers Not sure which model.
Kenton Pro 4 MIDI-CV MIDI/CV
Korg Prophecy Synths
Korg MS10 Synths
Korg MS20 Synths
Kurzweil K2500RS Samplers
LA Audio 4x4 Outboard
Lexicon MPX1 Outboard
Mackie 24:8 Mixers
Mackie CR1604-VLZ Mixers
MidiLink MIDI Data Extender MIDI/CV
Miny Portable Tape Recorder Recorders
MOTU Micro Express MIDI/CV
Oberheim DMX Drum Machines
Opcode Studio 3 MIDI/CV
Panasonic SV-3800 DAT Recorders
Peavey PC1600X MIDI/CV
Philip Rees 5S MIDI/CV
Philips Oscilloscope Miscellaneous "We have a lot of problems with high frequencies, so we try and keep an eye on it. We also occasionally write tracks that look good on the oscilloscope. Unfortunately it tends to be really basic rave stuff."
Phonic MRT60 Mixers
PSE Stereo Spring Reverb Outboard
Digidesign Pro Tools III PCI Recorders
Realistic induction mic Microphones Per the Fizzarum list, he was guessing a bit on the model.
RME Hammerfall DIGI9652 Recorders It is likely they used this PCI version before upgrading to the Digiface.
RME Hammerfall ADI-8 Pro Recorders
RME Hammerfall Digiface Recorders
Roland CR-8000 Drum Machines
Roland Juno 106 Synths
Roland SH-2 Synths
Roland MC-202 Sequencers
Roland CR-78 Drum Machines
Roland PMA5 Sequencers
Roland TR-606 Drum Machines
Roland R8 Drum Machines
Seck 18:8:2 Mixers
Simmons SDE Drum Machines
Simmons SPM 8:2 Mixers
Sony lapel mic Microphones As Fizzarum notes, "(which one, we may never know....)".
Sony MDS JE520 Recorders
Sony HR-MP5 Outboard
Sony TCD-D7 Recorders
Sony DTC-690 Recorders
Symbolic Sound Capybara 320 Outboard
Tascam Portastudio 244 Mixers
Tascam DA-20 MKII Recorders
Tascam DAP1 Recorders
Tascam M2600 Mixers "Fat as f**k. We like the range and flexibility of the EQ a lot."
t.c. electronic TC XII Phaser Outboard
Wacom Intuos3 A5 Miscellaneous
Yamaha CBXD5 Recorders 2
Yamaha CXM5 Computers 2
Yamaha DX11 Synths 2
Yamaha DX100 Synths 2
Yamaha FS1R Synths
Yamaha KX-W321 Cassette Recorder Recorders
Yamaha NS-10M Speakers
Yamaha QY20 Sequencers
Yamaha RY30 Drum Machines
Yamaha SU10 Sequencers

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